Monday, October 3, 2011

Swiss honey cookie, Tirggel

Tirggel is unique Swiss christmas time cookie with rich honey content. True tirggel is baked just some seconds in special oven, wich can go up to +600 degrees. Baking tirggel at home is possible too, just longer baking time is required.

 Some tradiotional cookies from Europe, or gingerbread too, might result very hard cookie even if it is baked properly. Tirggel is good example of such result. Reason for this is honey, wich goes trought caramellisation under high temperature. What tirggel looses on regular cookie, it can be really beutiful as christmas decoration. Color is golden brown, all thanks to honey.

This might be little tricky recipe, do try it at least once. Only thing what I can suggest, is use of grill or top layer of oven. Tirggel just wont end up with same color if it is baked for example in middle and heat is around +200 degrees. My own oven goes up to +300 C degrees, and tirggel needs around 1 minute with such temperature. Do note that some baking sheets wont hold this high temperature, also be cautious with hot oven in general.