Monday, October 3, 2011

Using milk and dark chocolate in cookie dough

Milk chocolate and dried blueberries.
Using melted chocolate in cookie dough can give nice taste and also appealing color. Here is example how milk and dark chocolate gives different appearence for cookies. Other one included also dried blueberries, wich unfortunately only gave extra texture, while taste was anywhere to notice.

Blueberry and milk chocolate biscuits

114 grams of butter or margarine
114 grams of milk chocolate
1 large egg
1 / 4 teaspoon salt
120 ml or 170 g of honey (ie crystalline solid honey)
50 grams of dried blueberries
450 grams of wheat flour 

Use of crystallised, or hard honey is only different thing compared to gingerbread recipes for example. Hard honey helps keeping dough not sticking against molds, and details remain pretty too. With know-how of experienced baker any kind of honey should be possible to use, crystallisised honey is better for beginners.

Melt down chocolate, butter and honey in water bath but carefully avoid adding any water in mixture. These all 3 ingridients can be mixed, just allow them to cool before adding eggs. Add flours only what is needed for somewhat soft cookies. 

Dried blueberries... I really thought it was good idea. Unfortunately taste wasnt that strong with these and you can't regognise them from baked cookie. However, I really enjoyed the looks of them. So use them if you like, or change to other ingridient. All these cookies shown here are baked with this same recipe, only ingridients and quality of chocolate is changed: milk chocolate with dried blueberries, white chocolate with lime (my favorite!) and dark chocolate with dried cranberries).

Cookie without leavening agent can be soft or semi-soft, but it requires certain ingridients and too much kneading and use of extra flours are no-no. Little practise will do miracles!

Bake finished cookies in +175 C degrees 10-15 minutes, allow little color for surface too before taking off.
Dark chocolate.