Saturday, November 12, 2011

Father's day cake

This is little cake for dad, as Father's day is celebrated at Finland 2th sunday of november. Topping is commercial white marzipan and below is usual cake filling. Mold gives view to old Turku, sight what can't be seen today: Buildings except Turku Cathedral were destroyed in Great Fire of Turku 1827.

While this cake might look little rough, it gives good clue what cookie molds could offer for cakes. In hands of advanced baker design will come to life it's own. In my case it shows that this was 2th time when I prepared cake with marzipan decoration. It still have lots of love and taste was delicious.
Turku from the year 1814. Picture source.
About mold
Turku Cathedral mold show street view from Turku city, around Cathedral in year 1814. This might be difficult to place on map for even local people, because buildings in view are long gone by now. Turku burned several times in history, and during 1827 almost whole city burned to ashes. Turku Cathedral did suffer from fire too, but it still remains on landscape. Picture shown above is original model for cookie mold, painting by Engel. I share passion about history with my dad so I felt this mold would fit best Father's day theme.

Painting marzipan

I have only duster food dye colors (powder color), and I have little doubt that it wont be best possible choice for marzipan. There are pasta or gel type colors too, and what I would used with this mold, is pale and light colors. All my powder colors are rather dark, only few light colors didnt seem to fit with this design.

Marzipan is easy to paint with good painting brushes and steady hand, even powder colors will do well aslong there are good source of baking alcohol. Mine unfortunately runned out during painting so text and letters looks unfinished.

Preparing cake

Prepare cake what you like, because marzipan will just placed on top of it. This cake I made have apricot jam, vanilla sauce mixed with cream cheese and whipped cream mixed with apricot jam. Cake was build on little handmade platform because it will be delivered to my parents later.

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