Tuesday, November 1, 2011

The Gingerbread Chef from Finland

Dear reader,

About me
Welcome to my blog! I am finnish male from city of Turku, and I work as aprentice chef in local lunch restaurant. During my freetime I bake often gingerbreads or other cookies with old fashioned wooden cookie molds, so I call myself gingerbread chef with little sense of humor.
Cookie mold jorney begin

My jorney with wooden cookie molds started late 2009, when I found Gene Wilson and his cookie molds. It was tought and troublesome to learn baking with them , but all the effort started to show during 2011. I must underline that I still lack lots of experience and there is only so much more to learn and improve on my gingerbread know-how. Correct attitude is certainly required, because other recipes are easy and other are not. 

Gene Wilson and Oldrich Kvapil as carvers

My collection of cookie molds are all new, not antique. So far majority of my molds are carved by Gene Wilson, and few of them are unique, only one in world copy from Oldrich Kvapil. Also my molds are only made from wood, since I wish to keep my hobby with little twist of old fashion and mood.

Tomorrow and future plan

My dream is to travel someday around Europe and visit museums, shops and other locations related with cookie molds, gingerbreads and such. While I am waiting untill I have opportunity for my "gingerbread crusade", blog will show my attempts to try-out old time recipes and create casually something myself. Enjoy your time!
In the year 2015...

Turku Gingerbread is no longer an active blog. You may find me from the Facebook page in English (Turku Gingerbread) and also finnish page Petruksen Piparkakut. Also, you might like to join the Facebook group by The Springerle Baker, Ken Hamilton, it is called The Springerle Cookie Appreciation Group. A great members for baking crisis support. Also good for sharing baking happiness.

After years with wooden molds I have started collecting replica molds by Mr. Ken Hamilton. I enjoy moments when I find similar design from history of cookie molds in literature. Molds by The Springerle Baker has offered me whole new eyesight about old craft.

Of course Turku Gingerbread would not be Turku Gingerbread without something completely different, Turku Themed. Here is a satyr cookie and wooden mold of Mr. Oldrich Kvapil. Inspiration from Turku Academy 17th century book.

Thank you for all readers and fans from Facebook. It is my pleasure to serve Finnish gingerbread realness!

With Best Regards,

Petrus from Turku with Love 

 7th september 2015