Sunday, November 20, 2011

Finnish Cream Gingerbread

I decided to try another old fashioned Finnish recipe, which is traditionally baked with cookie cutters. Result was amazing: Soft gingerbread with usual taste, while design from cookie molds remains very well.

This recipe is typical Finnish gingerbread, which will result soft and semi-dark gingerbread. It contains only traditional ingredients such as sugar, syrup and eggs, and it might first sound troublesome dough for cookie molds. It proofed to be very versatile dough, both cookie cutters and cookie molds will work easily. And I never remember using so little flour with molds!

Finnish gingerbread is usually dark coloured and contains at least ginger, cardamom, cinnamon and brown or white sugar. Use of honey is not really popular, and using honey might make Finnish person suspicious: Finnish gingerbread is quite an institution, and taste is something that leaves little space for changes. 

Finnish gingerbread

2 eggs
4 dl brown sugar
2 dl dark syrup
150 g of melted butter
2 dl cream
1 teaspoon hartshorn
2 teaspoons cinnamon
2 teaspoons finely chopped cardamom
2 teaspoons ginger
(1 cup almonds)
1 l of wheat flour


Original recipe called for baking soda, I used hartshorn. I also left almonds out, since I didn't have them.

Eggs and sugar is mixed well and syrup is added. Mix again and add other liquid ingredients, including hartshorn diluted to small amount of water. Then add spices and flours in small partion. You can leave some flours unused and add them if necessary during baking. I suggest leaving dough overnight to fridge.


Take dough from fridge before baking, 10-20 minutes should be ok. Only take small partions of dough and keep other in fridge. Roll it to thin or thick layer and either use cookie cutters or just put piece of dough over cookie mold. You can leave edges unfinished and clean them after gingerbreads are cooled at fridge again before baking. This way you won't accidentally tear up thin gingerbreads.

Bake in the oven +200 C degrees for 10-15 minutes, depends on size of gingerbread.


These gingerbreads will taste like usual gingerbread and texture will be soft. It is quite surpise how well details can remain in gingerbread, it almost feels like there would be some good amount honey in it. But there are none! My first thought about having cream in dough was "this just not going to work...". Seems like Finnish gingerbread have little more persistence while baker lacks it. Truly wonderful gingerbread Sunday!