Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Mystery of the roasted marzipan: Swiss Marzipan Leckerle

Christmas is not just about baking gingerbread. Marzipan Leckerle will give totally new life for sweet almond treat. Best when made with small molds or cookie stamps. This recipe comes from Swiss.

Marzipan Leckerle

Recipe comes from best book I found so far, Olli Leeb's recipe book. These will make excellent christmas present too, since leckerle will have more harder surface than normal marzipan. It means they will keep shape well and surface wont be sticky or soft.


500 g of peeled almonds
250 g of caster sugar
250 g of icing sugar
2 egg white
Orange blossom water
(Vanilla bean)

Icing sugar for molding

Making your own marzipan

Original recipe calls for bitter almond, but I doubt it would be easily obtained these days due it is classified unsafe for health. You can use almond extract or some other flavor. Vanilla bean is less good choice, you might spot little black dots in my Marzipan Leckerle. 

Keep almonds in boiled water few mins, and they will almost peel itself while touching!
If you grind almonds yourself, avoid overgrinding them. My current all-purpose-machine wont result good almond for marzipan, so I used finely grounded almond from grocery. Less artisan touch, but you will have good marzipan! Only add little liqued, too much will make marzipan sticky. Marzipan will result ideal, little moist inside texture when prepared truthflully along the recipe. This results from almond oil too, so grinded almond should not be dry as flours.

Mold with cookie mold or cookie stamp and place on baking sheet. Crucial part for Marzipan Leckerle is baking, or more correctly, roasting. They should be placed on top (highest) part of oven and grill should be used if possible. You can use too little burner, point is get color and bit hard surface. Inside should remain moist, this is essential part of sensation while eating.

3 -5 minutes in +250 C degrees should be ok, try stay next to oven and take out when color looks good. 

My favorite!

This recipe was big surpise when I tried it. I am big fan of marzipan myself, yet, I had earlier problems making it myself due almond oil while I tried to grind almonds myself with bad tools. Also I have tried roasted marzipan once during 2010, and result was horrible in general. This recipe works great, details will show well after little practise. It is surprising how soft, easily breaking marzipan transforms to firm, yet easily eaten almond treat with little heat! 

Note about raw egg and Finland

Most marzipan recipes calls for egg white. Althought this particular recipe is roasted, other marzipan can be serverd as "raw". Here at Finland we have very strict food hygiene program for eggs to prevent salmonella threat, and thanks to this effort it is safe to eat uncooked, raw eggs at Finland. Naturally things might be different at other countries so please follow local guidelines.