Saturday, November 26, 2011

Thorner Kathrinchen: Catherine's gingerbread

Toruń gingerbread, also known as Thorner Kathrinchen (german) or Toruńskie pierniki (polish), is known at Poland where it comes, aswell at Germany. In past Toruń and Nürnberg were gingerbread rivals, untill agreement was made and both city offered gingerbread from fellow gingerbread town too. This recipe needs re-adjustment for cookie molds, but it will result amazing gingerbread for cookie cutters.

There are different stories how this gingerbread got it's name, Katarzynka (polish). Other tells about Catherine baking for king, while other is about gingerbread apprentice trying to win heart of the daughter of gingerbread guildmaster. Traditionally Katazynka has form of the six medallion, and covered with chocolate.

Katarzynka -shaped gingerbread. Picture source.
Thorner Kathrinchen


300 g of honey

60 g butter
 60 g of sugar 
1 pinch of ginger 
1 teaspoon coriander
1 pinch of cloves
1 / 2 teaspoon cinnamon 
1 teaspoon cardamom 
1 teaspoon hartshorn 
1 egg yolk 
120 g of potato flour 
300 g of wheat flour

Bake in the oven +200 C degrees untill gets nice color.

Too much is too much

I have been wondering what is good amount of hartshorn in dough, since I felt I used quite little. This dough was poor victim of gingerbread science: while gingerbread itself was fabulous, it were not suitable for cookie molds anymore. Details were all gone after baking.
Generally, I have used the following relationship, most of times good result with cookie molds:
1 / 3 teaspoon hirvensarvisuolaa 250-300 g of flour
1 / 2 tsp hirvensarvisuolaa 500 g of flour
1 teaspoon hirvensarvisuolaa 800-1000 g of flour

I am not going to say this recipe wont work with cookie molds at all, but I will need to try it once more. It was not most easiest dought to work with in first place, so it wont get my recommendations for now.

Good gingerbread

While this gingerbread might be less intresting for cookie mold baker, it certainly has good aspects as gingerbread. Starting from taste, texture and color, it is a good gingerbread. Taste is spicy with rich honey aroma, and no single flavor raise over other, it is very balanced and good one. Texture is crisp, while insides are soft.