Sunday, January 15, 2012

A marzipan daydream: Frankfurter Brenten

This particular german christmas treat kept me on the edge for good two years, untill I managed to have good result after two disaster.

Frankfurter Brenten is marzipan cookie from german town, Frankfurt aim Main. It has similarirty to springerle and marzipan, while it is unique cookie. It might turn out rather difficult, since most recipes I seen uses only powder / confectioner sugar. While it might be good in the hands of professional, I never managed to bake brentens. They simple become overdry no matter what, and exploded in the oven. Good result with Marzipan lecklerle gave me an idea about adapting brenten recipe with fine sugar too. It was answer to my prayers!

You can find recipe for Marzipan Leckerle from Gene Wilson webpage. I suggest using half fine sugar and half powder sugar when preparing almond paste, aswell adding some fine sugar instead just powder sugar when preparing dough. Brush with egg yolk, if you like shiny surface. It gives nice color too, without brushing cookies might get less impressive dry surface.
It is not impossible recipe after all, only thing to worry is getting it too dry. Marzipan should be moist, even while this is marzipan cookie. Only edges should be dry and hard, while inside should remain bit moist.