Monday, February 27, 2012

Chocolate and More Chocolate

This is really old good recipe I tried few times and it usually works wonders. There are few tricks what you should remember, and it should be always just fantastic cookie decorared with cookie stamps. Milk chocolate meets dark chocolate, a wonderful way to make afternoon tea extraordinary.

1. Avoid using too much flour

This dough is special. Amount of solid honey, which is melted when adding to dough, will start going solid just after you added some flours. So you should always take a good look on your dough while adding flours. If recipe asks for 500 grams, and you simple add it all, it might be too much. Or just fine. But too much flour will make chocolate taste less and cookie becomes harder. Which you certainly wish to avoid while baking without leavening agent. 

2. Avoid kneading

Don't work with you dough too much. Since solid honey makes it quite same as playdough, there should be no reason to over-knead it. But still, be gentle. 

3. Do not over bake it

This cookie is tricky to bake: it only takes color from bottom. I investigated this matter several times and yes, it is just same as with springerle: cookie itself remains pale on top, but fully baked inside. If you allow color to form on top too, it usually means you will get burned or very dark bottom. And cookie becomes dry and harder too this way. So, stay near oven and watch how cookie evolves: First you see top becoming wet, then going bit pale coloured and then it starts getting solid and dry. 

 I hope this helped a bit. I know, I have bad habbit to talk and talk. I tasted cookies today and it was so great, that I felt I need to underline how good this recipe is when mastered. It is originally recipe from Anne L. Watson, though I made some own changes on it.
Oh dear. I just noticed I been improving this recipe without making changes on blog too. Here is how it rolls.
Milk chocolate Cookies with Dark chocolate chips

2 eggs
100 g butter, melted
150 g solid honey, melted
130 g milk chocolate, melted
130 g dark chocolate, finely chopped
100 g fine sugar
300-500 g flours
Pinch of salt
Pinch of cinnamon (additional)
 Mix sugar and eggs together and add melted, but bit cooled butter-honey-chocolate mixture. This all can be melted in same pot, just slowly. I usually use hot water bath. Add finely mixed dark chocolate chips and add flours only amount what is required to have nice solid dough. I strongly suggest baking day after, allowing dough to cool in fridge overnight.