Saturday, March 17, 2012

Carrot Cake For Saint Patrick's Day

You might think I have too much cookie molds allready, when I tell about mold what I used just once. It is cookie mold by Gene Wilson, and suits well Saint Patrick's day theme. St. Patrick used to descríbe holy trinity (in christianity Holy Spirit, God and Jesus Christ) with clover.

I really enjoyed result what I did last year. It was also clover, but different cookie mold. This time I wished to try something different, and since I had luxury of having two clover molds, I kept same decoration. 

Carrot cake is not related to Ireland, however it could be possible to prepare cake with three colors as in Ireland's flag. My cake is bit dark due brown cane sugar, but it still haves little carrots color in it.

We don't really celebrate much Saints at Finland, but I do enjoy giving little thought for each Saint I can with my cookie mold collection. I wish you all good Saint Patrick's Day!