Sunday, April 1, 2012

Beeswax ornaments for Easter

It is easy to prepare your own Easter decorations from beeswax using cookie molds. I tried this time lollipop -style decorations. Gene Wilson's rooster and hen in nest brings memories from genuine countryside Easter. Did you know that rooster is symbol of good luck and happiness, and is often placed at kitchen in form of some sort of decoration.
Using beeswax for ornaments can be as easy it is for Martha Stewart. I would like point out few tips when using wooden cookie molds

1. Oiling cookie mold is necessity

Your well-used mold might have bit too much life behind (uneven surface, natural porosity of wood) and although eye might not see it, beeswax will get stuck on it. Oil your cookie mold BEFORE adding liquid beeswax to avoid sticking. Use any food oil, less flavor more the better. 

2. Add extra beeswax on mold

This will be different on each cookie molds, but I noticed my molds by Gene Wilson will look rather sad if I only cast beeswax until I reach surface of cookie mold from bottom to surface. Add bit extra, making back of decoration uneven. By this you ensure your mold will be bit thick, which is important if you added stick inside decoration. I even went for more extra wax against stick, so it would have extra support while keeping decoration. 

3. Have fun with your molds

Beeswax is simple material and you can always re-use decorations. Simple re-melt them! These decorations can be painted, or just left au naturel.