Sunday, April 29, 2012

Pryaniki with a big cookie mold

Earlier I used Gene Wilson cookie stamps for pryaniki, russian gingerbread with jam filling. After little brainstorm I decided to try out Olda's cookie mold for same purpose. Dough requires bit adjustment for good picture details, but it looks promising!

In start I must admit, I made this dough on purpose softer than last times. Too hard dough is difficult to shape with cookie mold, while it keeps pictures well... Unfortunately this logic worked vice versa, so soft dough did not maintain so well details from mold. See difference between raw gingerbread and baked one.

I'm not sure could this pryaniki made same way as I did smaller round shaped pryaniki. At least I felt this was easy to prepare with methods I show with pictures. Here are details in a nutshell. See recipe here.

1. Roll dough for cookie mold layer with two wooden sticks. Press dough against cookie mold and leave extra dough around it. 
2. Roll dough for bottom part. Add jam above cookie mold layer with using wooden sticks to keep jam layer cropped. Leave about 1 centimeter dough around cookie edges. 
3. Brush edges of cookie mold layer with egg. Press bottom layer against cookie mold layer. Press gently to seal edges. Cut off extra dough, but do completely. 

4. Transfer to oven sheet and cut off now remaining extra dough. Ensure both layers are melted together. 
5. Brush with egg if you wish. Bake in oven untill nicely browned.