Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Oh my lollipop!

When I visited annual fish market here at Turku few weeks ago, I asked how Estonian candy and almond merchant prepared her rooster lollipops. Most helpful and pretty lady told me that these lollipops are prepared with wooden mold, and I would be welcome to visit both shop and workshop at Pärnu, Estonia. How wonderful!

So I took few lollipops with me and carefully inspected how they are possible made. First you notice they are rather simple with details, but, double-sided. Both sides have surface details. Hansa Gold Rooster lollipop is about 5 cm long and 3 cm wide. My Rooster mold by Gene Wilson is lot bigger, and has detailed surface. I decided to take risk and try simple lollipop recipe. Here is what you should watch out.

Simple but gorgeous handicraft treat from Estonia.
First, make sure you oil well enough your mold before use. It helps a lot when trying to remove soft or brick hard lollipop. I am still debating on what stage should lollipop be removed. My first attempt failed terrible because I let lollipops go brick hard while in mold. They also becomes extremely fragile then, and trying to remove them from molds might end up badly. My first batch did not survive to tell how well did they copy details from mold. What they did with amazing details! Unfortunately only lollipop dropped on floor just when I was about to clean it a bit for photograph. It was really sad, since I have not yet seen anything as beatiful done with Gene Wilson wedding heart mold. 

Another batch was better, but problem with removing from mold on other way. If you remove lollipop from old too early, surface might be soft and shape will deform. Or some details re-melts due temperature. 

Despite this was not so succesful lollipop baking, it gave me good idea how it could be possible to look onto this details with clock in hands and then just estimate correct times. It is cheap and relatively easy process in the end.
PS. Did you end up with broken lollipop ? Don't sweat! Just re-melt lollipop pieces in microwave oven and mold it again! 

Sunlight really gives life to this lollipop!

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