Thursday, June 7, 2012

Vegan Gingerbread

This recipe is from House from The Hill website. Do try it! Usually such recipe works only with cookie stamps and fine details might disappear during baking. However it is quite good one, as you might see some details from Gene Wilson cookie stamps did maintain well too.

For finns it is bit difficult to find some ingridients common for US households. Just recently I found light corn suryp. Dark one? Oh gosh. Not going to happen anytime soon I think. So I just used light one (wich explains the pale color) I admit I do own some melasses these days, but taste was such a bizarre I did substitute it this time with dark suryp. I think doing so affects dough and it would require more flours. I used quite a bit more during molding, so use your own eyes to decide what is good for your dough. I did not add any water at all. 

It is quite soft dough even after adding extra flour, so it works best with small cookie stamp molds. I had difficulties to use any bigger mold since it bends easily. Might this be because using suryp instead of melasses, perhaps. I do suggest trying this recipe out, like a woman, it is hard from outside but soft from inside.

I would simple change spices and name this recipe easily for another type of cookie if you dislike eating gingerbread during summertime. Gingersnaps? Choice is yours.